Organ transplant theatre with Bashir Dawood foundation

bashir dawood

The SIUT has achieved great milestones over so many years and yet again it has achieved another milestone which has created history by establishing country’s first theatre that is dedicated to the transplant centre. Centre is one of the only kind that is present in Pakistan which was established with generous donations from different organization and everything was made into reality due to the efforts from Bashir Dawood.

bashir dawood

This centre deals with the delicate organs that are difficult to find like liver, pancreas, intestine, cornea and bone marrow. The area covered is around 250,000 sq. ft. and the building is 14 story high in a period of four years with an estimated cost of around Rs. 1, 5 Billion. The accommodation can hold 100 bed with integrated facilities that includes transplant wards, pre-transplant units, ICUs, out patient’s clinic, donor ward, state of art modern operation thereat, radiology, rehabilitation center where the SIUT that manages all transplant activities under one single roof.

The goal of this newly constructed transplant centre is to ensure that the transplant activities in the countries are increasing and to give a new dimension to the final activities of the SIUT where the treatment is free.

For anyone who is willing to help children, teens and people in need are most welcomed to join the foundation and help to turn the lives of people. Your generous donations are helping source for the foundation and they make sure the funds are being used at right place.