Our Fascination with celebrity

Like our fascination in seeing an ant or even the whole anthill for this matter squirm if we angle the magnifying glass only in order sunlight, so goes our fascination with celebrity. Since the newest installment of American Idol shows the typical man simply wants to be confessed and what better way than getting a celebrity. A whole lot of us dream about it, not many people reach it and for those lucky or unlucky depending upon your view to be under the magnifying glass of star the rewards appear to be good.

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To have your each Move listed, your relationships scrutinized, your tiniest slip-up or shortcoming shared by countless I know a number of you are believing the cash and advantages would balance out this but consider the liberty of anonymity you have at this time, you can pick your nose in people if you’d like to, you might find a few stares but case will not be listed and chosen over For time immemorial. For all those reason actress news and gossip is big business and together with the most recent news available at our hands everybody and their grandmothers includes a site about one star or alternative. A lot of us readily denounce gossiping in our everyday lives feed our guilty pleasure by logging on to the most recent most hated celebrity sites to find the most recent snide remarks about this or person.

Our stars have become like this bad fried ant. We feel exceptional because we sit at our desks and look with pity or scorn at the most recent young celebrity to wind up in jail or neglect their underwear or fall flat on BigWorldNews. But alas celebrity and fame are interchangeable and as Newton stated for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction so the cash and perks cause fascination and the paparazzi. Now… since it has been over an hour because I checked this site, I am now off to find out what Britney is around.